Talis understands the life cycle of all wastes and specialises in the delivery of strategic waste management solutions and infrastructure.


Talis provides solutions to all government and private asset owners and fully understands the entire asset lifecycle from planning to procurement, maintenance, expansion through to disposal.


Talis offers a complete environmental service based on a diverse range of experience across a variety of sectors including land development, mining, industrial, waste management, local and state government.


Talis offers a complete service to help our clients fully realise the value of spatial information in day to day operations, detailed analysis, decision support and long term planning.


Talis has experience with public works engineering for local governments and related industries.


Talis provides a range of environmental & occupational noise consulting services based on a diverse range of experience across a variety of industry and government sectors.

Key Projects

Mindarie Regional Council Tamala Park – Odour Impact Assessment

Development of a site-wide Odour Emissions Inventory for the Tamala Park Landfill to project discrete and cumulative odour impacts using CALPUFF. Development of site-representative Meteorological data set using TAPM, CALMET. The purpose of the assessment was to determine the projected offsite odour footprint in response to recent and historic odour complaints. Verification of the odour
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Local Government Procurement (NSW) – Waste Audit Management Services Panel

Talis has been appointed to the NSW Local Government Procurement (LGP) Waste Audit Management Services panel through which councils, not for profit organisations, universities, state government agencies and departments can directly access our services to undertake the following: • Waste and/or recyclables source-based audits – visual assessment; • Waste and/or recyclables source-based audits – physical
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Road & Footpath Data Capture

Road & Footpath Data Capture Talis undertook data capture for approximately 650km of road and 1090km of footpath for Moreland City Council in Victoria. This project was carried out by our team of experienced asset inspectors and included a variety of methods including in-field visual assessment and high-speed data collection. The data collected was used
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Gascoyne Town Drainage

This project was undertaken for the Shire of Upper Gascoyne and was required to address flooding of the town’s road house, service station and caravan park, and to replace an open drain that was located within private property at the rear of these facilities.  Legal action was pending from the owner of the adjoining land.
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Resource Recovery – Waste Supply Agreement

Local governments’ control over relatively large and reliable quantities of waste make them potentially important players in underpinning the commercial viability, and bankability, of new waste to energy facilities. This is illustrated by the waste supply agreement that has now been established between the Rivers Regional Council (RRC) and the Kwinana WTE Project Co Pty
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Autonomous Dump Truck Data Analysis

One of the foundational goals driving the mining industry in Western Australia today is to be more efficient by reducing costs without compromising the health and safety of workers. One of the most common ways this is being achieved is through the introduction of innovative technological solutions which aim to provide a more efficient and
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