GIS + Spatial Intelligence

The Talis Spatial Team provides independent professional consulting and advisory services across all aspects of the GIS and Remote Sensing sectors. Everything from simple map production through to organisation-wide spatial strategy development, the team at Talis can help.

We recognise the many benefits of spatial information within an organisation, and one of the foundation blocks of realising those benefits is to have properly managed and readily accessible data. Talis specialises in outlining and implementing a framework of effective spatial data management and visualisation across all levels of an organisation.

The Talis Spatial Team has extensive experience in the selection, definition, execution and operation of corporate spatial systems. We recognise that the deployment of a system at any level of an organisation carries with it an inherent cost, and we are committed to ensuring that this investment yields significant benefit. This is achieved through providing expert advice to select the right technology, effectively defining the type and scale of the deployment, executing the installation, and providing a low-cost model for ongoing operation and support.

We also recognise the importance of strategy over technology, and that any decision to introduce systems must be supported by a business need and aligned to a strategic objective. We are committed to working with organisations to define those needs, set those objectives and introduce the most suitable system.

Furthermore we recognise that the need for spatial expertise can arise intermittently, such as generating high quality cartographic figures for a report. The team at Talis has developed a proven and cost-competitive model for map production, combined with a mature set of templates and quality controls, to ensure every map we produce is of the highest quality.

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Key Services

  • Data Management & Spatial Strategies
  • Data Conversion and Manipulation
  • Standards and Governance
  • Data Analysis & Map Production
  • Business Analysis
  • Geodatabase Design
  • System Implementation
  • Software Training

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