Waste Management

Based on our diverse expertise and experience, Talis understands the life cycle of all wastes (municipal, commercial and construction) from generation, collection, through to recovery, treatment and disposal. We are driven to devise solutions for the diversion of waste from landfills through education, avoidance, reuse, recycling and recovery programs. Talis specialises in the delivery of all types of waste management infrastructure from transfer stations, recycling and resource recovery facilities to landfills.  Our infrastructure delivery services including concept through to operation.

Waste Strategy

Talis recognises the importance of planning for the future and advancing waste management systems to resource recovery programs. This can be challenging in the ever evolving waste industry, however Talis specialises in devising tailored solutions for each of our clients. Waste awareness and education is fundamental to the successful implementation of resource recovery strategies, along with monitoring through waste data gathering and reporting frameworks.

Waste Management Infrastructure

The Talis team has extensive experience in the delivery of all types of waste management infrastructure including community recycling and drop off facilities, waste transfer stations, recycling and recovery facilities and landfills.  Our diverse team has the full skill set required for the delivery of the waste facilities including site selection and investigations, approvals and community consultation, site selection, site investigations, approvals, community consultation, designs and documentation, tendering, construction supervision, environmental monitoring, licence compliance and rehabilitation.  As waste management professionals, Talis know what is important to the future operators throughout the delivery process.

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Key Services


  • Strategic Waste Management Plans
  • Resource Recovery and Waste Supply Agreements
  • Waste Management Plans for Developments
  • Waste Services Reviews
  • Waste Minimisation, Reuse & Resource Recovery Strategies
  • Waste Collection and Treatment Tender Preparation and Administration
  • Waste Awareness and Education Programs
  • Waste Data Gathering and Reporting Frameworks
  • Waste Stream, Markets, and Technology Due Diligence
  • Waste Auditing and Compositional Analysis
  • Community Consultation
  • Feasibility and Financial Assessments
  • Funding Applications


  • Site Selection Studies
  • Site Due Diligence & Investigations
  • Feasibility Studies & Cost Estimates
  • Environmental Approvals & Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Planning Approvals
  • Conceptual and Detailed Design and Documentation
  • Tender Preparation and Administration
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Quality Assurance and Superintendent
  • Operational Assessments and Management Plans
  • Landfill Closure Management Plans

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