Air Quality

The Talis Air Quality Team provides expert services in ambient air quality assessment, modelling and management. We have over 30 years’ combined experience in Odour Science and Air Quality.

We provide site-specific Odour Impact Assessments, Odour Laboratory Analysis, Odour Control, Capture and Treatment Design, Dispersion Modelling and Meteorological Data Development and Analysis and Field-Odour Assessments.

Our Air Quality Team also provides services in Dust (particulates) and Air Toxics with assessments undertaken from Industrial Emission Sources, Site Access Roads, and OH&S Exposure to Air Toxics in the Construction, Foundry and Metals Industries.

Talis undertakes impact assessments adopting a outcomes-based approach, including preliminary site investigations and desktop assessments, site-representative and site-specific modelling impact assessments, concept design for capture and treatment of emissions, Standard Operating Procedures and Management Plans from initial Construction Management to Operational Management Plans.

Our Modelling Capabilities are extensive and include the use of Calpuff, Aermod, i-RAP-h (Human Health Risk) and TAPM software as well as complementary software assessments often used for Landfill Assessments such as GasSim.

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Key Services

  • Air Quality and Odour Impact assessment, monitoring and management
  • Particulate Monitoring and Modelling
  • Plume Dispersion Modelling
  • Field Surveys
  • Sample Collection and analysis
  • Olfactometry
  • Meteorological Data Development
  • Point Source and Area Source Sampling
  • Compliance Testing

Industry Affiliates