Asset Management

The Talis Asset Management Team has been assisting both the public and private sectors to deliver asset management solutions for over 30 years and understands the challenges asset managers face.

At Talis, we believe that assets exist solely to facilitate the delivery of a required service to the community or organisation. The asset life cycle begins at the conceptual phase and requires ongoing management decisions:

  • guided by sound STRATEGY that is
  • informed by business INTELLIGENCE
  • formed by the use of INFORMATION
  • based on relevant and reliable asset DATA

In this way, an effective Asset Management process will see evidence-based decision making, ensuring the right money is spent on the right asset at the right time. It arms organisations with the corporate intelligence necessary to shape their future. It is about prioritisation of resource allocation, productivity and sustainability, meeting current and future service needs, and is ultimately about cost reduction and risk management.


The Talis Asset Management Team prides itself in offering a practical and cost-effective approach to asset management, and provides professional services at every stage of the asset life cycle. From ‘boots on the ground’ data collection, through to strategic assessment and guidance, our team can deliver on all your asset management needs.

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Key Services

  • Integrated Planning and Reporting
  • Asset Management Strategies and Plans
  • Business and Financial Planning
  • Strategic/Total Management Planning
  • Maintenance Programs and Budgets
  • Infrastructure Asset Valuation Reports
  • Bureau Services
  • Inventory and Condition Data Capture
  • Specialised GIS services
  • Applications for Asset Management

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